Every other Friday, each member of our company shares knowledge about new technologies, programming, and practical experiences with solving problems and issues in each project. Through shared knowledge and practical experiences, each member can have a higher sense of reality on the projects they are in charge of, as well as limit and avoid risks and problems arising in the process of product development.

Rails Training Course

Organizing Ruby on Rails training courses for university students and new graduates to provide more knowledge about Ruby on Rails – an attractive and challenging programming language. The course is taught by a team of talented technology engineers and programmers from Raksul. In addition to gaining knowledge about Ruby on Rails through the course, they also have the opportunity to become trainees and official employees at Raksul Vietnam.


A one-week hackathon competition every year. During this time, developers can try new technologies to create any product according to their ideas in a small group. By thinking about products and customers from an engineering point of view, we want to create new innovations, absorb materials and technology for further development, and create opportunities to think about the products where they can be applied to.

Team Buiding Party

Team Building Party is an activity organized every month at Raksul Vietnam. After intensive working hours of coding, solving problems, and fixing bugs, we sit together to eat, drink, laugh freely with funny stories, share and confide about family and work etc. These times contribute to shortening the distance between members; everyone has the opportunity to get closer to and bond with one another as a collective.


Outside of the office environment, we also bond together through team building activities such as soccer, bouldering, board games, swimming, and karaoke etc. Work hard, play harder is what each Raksul member always aims for.

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