We would like to bring the Internet to traditional industries that have not yet been digitized,

change the industrial structure, and have a significant impact on the world.

RAKSUL is developing its business with this in mind.




Setting objectives based on primary information such as customer voice and on-site visits.

Going through small experiments to turn uncertainties into certainties.

In addition, prioritizing appropriate issues is the key.





 Problem solving through systematization and technology.

Improving productivity by eliminating and minimizing inefficiency.

Proposing effective solutions through unique ideas and creativity.





Creating an environment where there is no information asymmetry. 

Disclosing the background and context of decision-making to ensure transparency in information sharing. 

Creating a team by clarifying each member’s mission and area of responsibility and delegating work to each other.




 Team first

Building a strong team that takes responsibility for recruitment and promotion and maximizing team member’s contributions. 

Onboarding members, providing proper feedback, and keeping them motivated to ensure team success.

RAKSUL is not a pure “Internet service” company. Any real industry with a large market size and an industrial structure that has not changed for decades can be RAKSUL’s business domain.

In any industry, the operation itself is gradually becoming digitalized and automated. However, there are still few industries that have introduced technology into ordering and workflow itself. That’s why there are countless opportunities to launch new businesses.

Our vision is “BETTER SYSTEMS, BETTER WORLD.” Innovators primarily flock to digital industries that are technology-driven.

Speaking of advertising, innovations are occurring every day in the field of Internet advertising. However, it is difficult to find people who want to change the TV commercial industry. That’s why it remains analog all the time. There is a lot of room for change.

There are many such non-digitized industries in Japan. It can be said that it is RAKSUL’s sole responsibility to change that.

RAKSUL has continued to grow because we have built a unique position.

RAKSUL wants to change the world by updating the industries that form the basis of people’s lives.

Mr. Yo Nagami

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