The first thing I did when I founded Raksul was to set a vision.


Our vision is the only thing that has not changed since the founding of the company.





 Problem solving through systematization and technology

Improving productivity by eliminating and minimizing inefficiency 

Proposing effective solutions through unique ideas and creativity










Setting objectives based on primary information such as customer voice and on-site visits

Going through small experiments to turn uncertainties into certainties

In addition, prioritizing appropriate issues is the key










Planning and implementation of policies in collaboration with members of other divisions and professions 

Sharing of information which allows other people to know what you are doing





Raksul is not a pure "Internet service" company. All real industries with large market size and industry structures that have remained unchanged for decades can be Raksul's business sector.

In every industry, tasks are being slowly being digitilized and automated. However, very few industries have incorporated technologies in order processing and the overall workflow itself. There are endless opportunities to start a new business.

Our vision is “Better Systems, Better World”. Innovators tend to gather around digital industry which is driven by technology.

In terms of advertising, there are innovations happening with Internet advertising every day. However, very few people are trying to change the TV commercial industry. Therefore, the industry is still outdated. There is a lot of room for change.

There are many industries like this in Japan that have not yet been digitalized. It is Raksul's exclusive territory to change that.
Raksul has been able to continuously grow by establishing our own position.

Raksul believes in changing the world by updating fundamental industries which serve as bases for everyone’s life.

Mr. Yasukane Matsumoto
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